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This is the Notakey documentation hub. Here you will find links to user manuals, general purpose configuration guides, as well as specific how-tos.

Documentation for non-current product versions is available through standard support channels.


User Manuals

Windows Credential Provider

Windows Credential Provider

User manual for the Windows credential provider.

Authentication Appliance

Authentication Appliance

User manual for the Notakey Authentication Appliance.

Notakey Authentication Proxy User Manual

Authentication Proxy

User manual for the Notakey Authentication Proxy. Seamlessly integrate Notakey Authentication Server with RADIUS clients (e.g. VPN concentrators).

Notakey AD FS MFA Plugin User Manual

AD FS MFA Plugin

User manual for the Notakey AD FS MFA Plugin. Enhance Microsoft AD FS security with Notakey Mobile client authentication.


Developer Documentation

Mobile Client Development SDK (Xamarin)

Mobile Client SDK (Xamarin)

Develop your own Notakey Authentication Server client, using the Xamarin cross-platform toolset.

Notakey Consumer API SDK for C#

Consumer API SDK for C#

SDK for wrapping Notakey authorization request API. Meant for integrating Notakey multi-factor security in your custom C# application.

HTML Example Application NuGet